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There are 2 different types of latex rubber: Natural Latex Rubber (NR) and Synthetic Latex Rubber (SBR).

Natural Latex Rubber: is naturally exuded from the rubber plant by tapping.

There are many formulas for Synthetic Latex Rubber. Each type of them has its different technical characteristics. Nowadays, the manufacturing of synthetic rubber mattresses in the world mainly use Styrene - Butadiene copolymer (SBR). The method used to form SBR is by polymerizing two monomers, Styrene and Butadiene (a method which has generally been used to synthesize polymer chemicals).

Products made of natural latex have better quality in physical and mechanical characteristics (bearing force, elasticity, etc.) in comparison to those made of synthetic latex. In contrast, due to specifically chemical structure, the products made from natural latex are degradable after life – cycle which is not a cause of pollution.


The following comparison will be more accurate when comparing the chemical bond density after the vulcanization stage of natural and synthetic latex mattresses, as follows:

Types Target 100% Natural Rubber mattress 100% Synthetic Rubber mattresses
Nature of materials Original contents C – H C – H
Degree of polarisation Almost not polarised Almost not polarised
Concentration of molecules High Low
Density High Low
Homogeneity of molecules High Medium
Degree of harmonization Very high Medium
Linking order Very high Medium
Degree of binding  Medium Medium
Saturation High Medium
Technical characteristics Elasticity High Medium
Degree of deformity  Low High
Degree of Durability High Medium
Durability Low Medium
External features/properties Colour Creamy Ivory white
Smell  Light to strong No smell
Degree of elasticity Fairly high Low
Degree of flattening Low Fairly high
Degree of comfort and relaxation High Medium
Fading speed Fast Slow
Level of environmental friendliness High Low

(*) Natural latex is more vulnerable to ageing than synthetic latex; however, KYMDAN’s innovative processing technology has allowed our mattresses to last for over 25 years on average. In fact, research shows that the aging index of Kymdan mattress is more than 0.86 compared to other Natural Latex or Synthetic Mattresses that possess less optimal characteristics.

Kymdan mattresses are made from natural latex using a strict extraction process in order to have the finest natural latex. To produce a KYMDAN DELUXE Queen size with a thickness of 5.91 inches (15cm); generally, the raw rubber sap must be collected from 436 mature rubber trees.

Combining the finest quality natural latex, along with our very own pioneering technique for processing the raw materials, Kymdan has created unique products with the most outstanding quality:

  • The mechanical and physical factors are by far preeminent compared to other latex mattresses available in the global market.
  • The optimal firmness helps to support your body so you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • The rubbery smell of latex has been significantly eliminated in Kymdan mattresses.
  • Kymdan mattresses are fire-retardant.
  • Kymdan mattresses are bacteria resistant and mold resistant.

How to differentiate natural rubber latex from synthetic latex mattresses:

Video showing the experiment comparing the burning natural and synthetic latex samples, taken place at Kymdan laboratory.

Results found after the experiment

  • When torched, the natural latex mattress sample became sticky and deformed.
  • On the contrary, the synthetic latex mattress sample made primarily of SBR (styrene butadiene copolymer) did not become sticky and deformed but instead becomes dry soot.

Thank you for your interest in Kymdan products