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Please carefully read the mattress user guides. Embodying exceptional quality, Kymdan mattresses are highly durable and with proper care and maintenance your mattress can last up to 25 years.

Understanding Your Mattress

Your Kymdan mattress comprises of: a natural latex foam core, a quilted mattress cover and a mattress protector. Understanding your mattress is essential to maintaining the quality of the natural latex and extending your product life.

Transporting Your Mattress

  1. When transporting your mattress (outside your home), your mattress should be place in its original carton box for better protection of the mattress. Use a cart to assist with transporting the mattress in its carton box.
  2. When moving your mattress (within your home), place an old bed sheet on the floor. Have at least 2 people place the mattress on the sheet and push the mattress to the required room.

Note: Although Kymdan mattresses can be rolled up for easier transportation, it is advised that Kymdan mattresses with a quilted cover (exported models) should not be rolled up or folded.

Your Mattress Foundation

Kymdan mattresses should be used on flat surfaces such as a bed frame with a solid base or the floor. If a Bed frame with slats are used, please ensure that the bed slats are no more than 1.18 inches/3cm apart.

Maintaining your mattress

  • Due to the sensitivity of natural latex towards direct sunlight, do not expose a Kymdan mattress to direct sunlight. If a mattress must be dried, remove any sheets and the mattress protector from the mattress to allow aeration and natural evaporation, or direct a fan toward the wet surface of the mattress.
  • Do not spill gasoline or other chemicals on the mattress. 
  • Do not expose the mattress directly to or near any heat sources or heat generating equipment such as: heaters, electric blankets, hair irons, etc.
  • Do not use as an ironing board.
  • Do not apply any form of force more than 200kg/dm2 to the mattress.
  • A mattress cover and mattress protector should be used when using the mattress at all times.

Cleaning your mattress

Avoid liquid contact with the natural latex foam core of the mattress. If an accident were to happen, remove all sheets and the mattress protector from the mattress. Then using a towel, carefully soak up the liquid by pressing down firmly into the mattress. Continue pressing until no more liquid can be soaked up.

When as much liquid as possible has been removed, allow the mattress to air dry. The use of a hair dryer (fan setting with no heat) or a fan may be directed towards the wet surface to assist with the drying process. You can then sprinkle baby powder on the wet surface to soak up any moisture and odors. Do not expose the mattress to direct sunlight for drying. Do not use a hair dryer (on the heat setting) or heater to dry the mattress. Do not rub the mattress for cleanning or drying.

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