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Recommended by Doctors


Outstanding Features

For a good night sleep, assist in keeping a healthy spine

With an optimum elasticity, Kymdan mattress products help to support and maintain the three natural curvatures of the spine in any laying position, and thus not causing the spine to sag.

Thanks to the optimum elasticity of Kymdan mattresses enabling motion to remain isolated to the area of contact, our mattresses do not cause motion transfer or emit any sound that may disturb any nearby sleeper.

High elasticity is a natural characteristic of natural latex (compared to synthetic latex). However, Kymdan natural latex mattresses have high elasticity allowing them to return to their original state immediately after bearing continuous compression. This outstanding feature helps prevent Kymdan mattresses from becoming sagged during its service life.

Kymdan mattress - High tensile force, high elongation at break.


Kymdan Mattress - does not flatten (become indented, sagged), high compressive strength, high elasticity, instantly returns to the original shape and size.


Shown above is a low elastic product. As seen, the product becomes flattened (indented, sagged) under high compressive strength and is incapable of instantly returning to its original shape and size (poor elasticity).

With unique technology, Kymdan products have great mechanical strength and can easily bear high and continuous pressure loads without being damaged. This feature has been tested by Kymdan Company and after being subjected to a 10-ton roller moving back-and-forth 200 times, the Kymdan mattress remained intact and undamaged. Thus, the test demonstrated the amazing sustainability of Kymdan mattresses.

This video clip, performed at Kymdan Factory, demonstrates the high compressive strength of Kymdan mattresses when a 10-ton roller moves back-and-forth over 200 times.

The natural latex foam of Kymdan mattresses is Bacteria Resistant (following test method ISO 22196-2011) and Mold Resistant (following test method ASTM G21-15), as validated by testing conducted by Bureau Veritas, USA (Test report # (5120)274-0161).


With fire hazard being a great concern for developers and consumers of leading markets worldwide; product fire retardancy has become a vital criteria for product standards in many industries (hotels, hospitals, theaters, etc.).

Kymdan Mattresses are fire retardant. Although they can burn under extremely high temperatures, they do not ignite nor spread fire and can also help to reduce flames (meeting US standards, as tested by Bureau Veritas, USA (Test Report: (5116) 025-0070)).

Fire retardant capability of Kymdan mattresses presents as follows:

  • Non-flammable to irons that are left on; as seen through our test where an iron was left on the mattress at 295oC/563oF for 60 minutes.
  • Non-flammable to burning red hot charcoal; as seen through our test where a burning hot charcoal with a temperature of 1000oC/1832oC was left on the mattress for seven minutes.
  • Non-flammable to welding sparks. The high temperature metal particles in welding sparks will not cause the mattress to ignite. This was seen in tests conducted where welding was performed continuously for 2 minutes; using a welding machine with an amperage of 155A; and at a distance of 10cm/3.9inches from the mattress.
  • Does not ignite or cause rapid spreading of fire like other materials (e.g wool, cotton etc.) when torched with fire.

Thanks to their open foam structure, Kymdan mattresses quickly absorb water to help extinguish the fire.

This video clip, performed at Kymdan Laboratory, demonstrates the fire retardance of Kymdan mattresses to a hot iron.


This video clip, performed at Kymdan Laboratory, demonstrates the fire retardance of Kymdan mattresses to burning hot charcoal.


This video clip, performed at Kymdan Laboratory, demonstrates the fire retardance of Kymdan mattresses to welding sparks.


This video clip, performed by Bureau Veritas in their US laboratory, shows a Kymdan mattress being tested for fire retardance by directly torching the mattress.
Passing the test, Kymdan mattresses meet US 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633 fire retardant standards.




Kymdan mattresses are manufactured in accordance with US import standards and covered under a 15-year warranty.

Kymdan makes no warranty for:

  • Any pillow types (Kymdan Pillows, Kymdan SoftTouch Bolsters)
  • Smaller custom sized mattress with width ≤ 60cm or length ≤ 140cm
  • Kymdan Mattress Covers
  • Kymdan Bed sheets
  • Kymdan Mattress Protectors
  • Kymdan Towels


Within 15 years from the original date of purchase of a Kymdan mattress, if you find and report to Kymdan that the mattress has flattened, stiffened, hardened, crumbled or decayed with no misuse on your part, and the claimed defect is confirmed by Kymdan, then Kymdan will replace the mattress.

See instructions on How to make a warranty claim.

Flattened, stiffened, hardened, crumbled or decayed means that the mattress can no longer return to its original shape immediately after standing, sitting or laying on the mattress for an extended period.

This video clip, performed at Kymdan’s factory, testifies for high elasticity of Kymdan mattress with a 10-ton roller moving back and forth 200 times.

Please Note: We advise that you keep all proof of purchase documents and your warranty certificate to support your product’s warranty.

Kymdan Mattresses (Deluxe, Special Deluxe Pillow Top) ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY for:

  • The yellowing of a mattress core (latex mattresses turn yellow naturally due to aging).
  • Use or maintenance of that did not comply with the User Guide instructions provided in the warranty certificate (see user guide instructions).
  • Damage due to any other misuse, including but not limited to:
    • Being exposed to sunlight (due to the deterioration effect of sunlight’s ultraviolet light on natural latex).
    • Soiling or odors from food, liquids or dirt.
    • Damage due to application of excessive forces of 200kg/dm² in any form.
    • Damage due to exposure to heat sources including, but not limited to irons, hot-air hair dryers, heaters, heated blankets, etc.

For complete Warranty Policy, please see Limited Warranty in Terms and Conditions.



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Mattress durability of up to 25 years if used and maintained well
The use of Kymdan Mattresses is efficient and economic

  • Outstanding Features
  • Recommended by Doctors

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